Sue Beets-Atkinson

SBM Management

Sue Beets-Atkinson is the Director of Sustainability for SBM Site Services, LLC. With more than 24 years of resource management and recycling experience, she has successfully designed and implemented many large and complex recycling programs for a multitude of Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. Beets-Atkinson regularly reinvents systems for improved efficiency and is the driving force behind SBM’s Sustainability program offerings, which include Zero Waste Planning and food waste reduction programs. She has facilitated and implemented numerous startup programs within SBM.

An integral leader in the Zero Waste movement and industry expert, Beets-Atkinson’s involvement has included her current role as Chair of the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) Zero Waste Advisory Council, as well as serving as President of the US Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC) for two years. She was the Chair of two ZWBC teams which created a Zero Waste Facility Scorecard that was used as a third party verification and certification process for businesses, and conducting the Zero Waste Business Associate training, respectively. Both programs have recently been renamed as TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency).

Beets-Atkinson currently is an assessor for the TRUE Zero Waste certifications for facilities. Additionally, she is a trusted instructor for Zero Waste 101 and TRUE Advisor training. Recently, the USZWBC has merged with the US Green Business Council and GBCI to bring Zero Waste principles to a broader business audience. Beets-Atkinson is also an instructor in the Sustainable Resource Management Professional Certification Program, teaching courses on Zero Waste Certification and Zero Waste Business Programs.

Beets-Atkinson co-authored the pioneering Zero Waste Implementer’s Manual under contract to Sierra College Center for Advanced Competitive Technologies. This manual detailed the intent, requirements, strategies, and examples of 81 credits in 15 categories, and served as a base for formulation of the TRUE certification rating system.

“I’m passionate about making sure we care for our planet! I love to show other people that we can each make a difference if we adjust our lives in really minor ways.” Sue Beets-Atkinson